Amber Is Mine by Lansara_star a man rapes a girl whom appears similar to their sibling.

recreational Porn by Anon some guy and their gf really go into watching an amateur porn movie. (MF, bd, voy)

Amber Is Mine by Lansara_star a man rapes a girl whom appears exactly like their sibling. (MF, D/d, bdsm, rp, tort)

Amen sis (Mary’s Heavenly Awakening) By Lisa Rains The straight laced spouse of a minister that is stuffy intimately liberated whenever a rough, sexy ex con overpowers the few and holds them hostage when you look at the church. He dominates the spouse and awakens undreamed of passion within the intercourse starved wife. (Mdom/MF, spank, reluc, bd, cuck)

US Concubine by Cindy Silver Eyes A Sultan is employed for you to get just just what he desires. (MF, d/s, slavery, bd)

Amy’s Bad Day by Karl Poor woman gets her love that is first then gets raped again and again. The writer claims that the storyline features a delighted ending. (M+/f, ped, nc, rp, v, dental, anal, bd, mc, tor, beast, extreme)

An Awakening by Isadore an account about a new guy’s awakening to a brand new sex. (MM, first expr that is gay oral, bd, fisting)

A exhausting day by AnonByDesign Quick small bondage/orgasm control tale I’d within my head. A lady is linked with a seat and forced to come forever (so to talk). Her responses getting nonstop pleasure with no control. (MF, forced, dental, bd)

An Infamous Night In London by TLVSBD A seductive young girl makes a bad choice and ultimately ends up suffering a bondage session with very nearly deadly effects. (MF, bd, v)

An Interracial Fantasy by Pallidan Wife remarks in regards to a neighbor child leads both by by herself and her spouse into a lifetime of slavery for their neighbors that are black. (FFM, exh, dom, bd, intr)

an on the web Sissy Lives Her fantasy by Sir Liam A sissy in her very early 20s starts a cyber relationship with a Master that contributes to living out her deepest dreams. (MM, tg, oral, anal, bd, d/s, sci fi)

A unfinished tale by anonym A tie up game becomes having intercourse. The lady nonetheless changes her head after the control has been lost by her. (MF, nc, rp, bd)

And Justice For Fun by TopCop69 It is unfortunate whenever your paradisiacal community is shattered by the existence of unlawful task. It really is sadder nevertheless when that criminal task is the burglarizing of your personal house. But, it is too sweet once you have to mete out justice to ab muscles terrified and young perpetrators staring to the barrels of one’s police issued revolvers. (MF/f, nc, rp, v, dental, anal, bd, first, orgy) component 2

and after that You Came by Spoonbender we first saw you against my room screen, faucet tapping along in your high heel pumps together with your little tote bag on the back. Quick miniskirt that is black shapely legs and a good white blouse, over which a dark coat had been draped decorously. Gaping wide to demonstrate the swell of the breasts. Thick dark hair cascading over your arms, a perplexing blend of trepidation and just exactly what seemed suspiciously like expectation playing across your pretty oriental features. (MF, bd, cons, asian)

Andrej by Tess Darcy Tess gets house from a day that is long strive to locate a person inside her apartment who proceeds to “rape” and abuse her. (MF, nc, rp, bd, spank, oral, anal)

Andrew James Wellington III, Esq. by Sirbosk1 A rich under endowed Philly Lawyer date rapes a new virgin, then marries her to silence her and later attempts to destroy her whenever she discovers his “normal” cock, is not. She gets some assistance from an old university gf to show the tables on him. (MF, FFdom/M, nc, dental, anal, voy, bd, huml, toys)

Angel, ready to accept the general public by Max some guy trains their girlfriend to become a receptacle that is public. (Mdom/F, exh, bd, toys)

Angie comes back home by RopeBinder Tonight, inside our very own world that is little we’d determine some crucial terms. respect, penance and frustration. Because of the full time we had been done, Angie could have a deep admiration for all three. (MF, bd, sm)

Animal Cruelty by Ed Rider a man that is mean hurt Dorothy’s dog gets just exactly what he deserves whenever a neighbor friend chooses to simply help her look for justice for their work of animal cruelty. (M/beast, nc, rp, bd, huml, voy)

Annie And Julie by Philip Harris Annie viewed the spread tied up woman’s slim sides thrash while the victim that is young futilely to kick her feet free. Her open legged challenge caused her pussy to “dance” over the sleep fantastically. Annie reached away and grabbed a thatch of this woman’s pubic locks, pulling her upward because of it before the woman tore her hips away. (FFdom/F, lesbian, rp, bd)

Anniversary Present by Rachel Gumm For the couple of seconds, Leanne stared during the home, wondering whether she should simply change and disappear. It was the time that is first’d ever responded an individual advertising of the nature. Ultimately, she tentatively raised her supply and squeezed the doorbell. (Fdom/FF, nc, bd)

Ann’s Awakening by Mervsaylor A modest housewife decides to move outside her safe place while out one night together with her next-door next-door next-door neighbors. She wonders what are the results behind the home of a strip club and realizes that she becomes the show. Chapters 1 through 5. (FF, reluc exh, mast, bd)

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